Organization Grant Readiness



Is your organization grant ready?

This Organizational Readiness course will help your charity or agency determine whether or not you are ready to apply for grant funding. The first assessment, and the subject of this course, is to determine if your organization is ready and healthy in the five key dimensions of a nonprofit organization.

The five dimensions are: 1) Leadership 2) Operations 3) Staff 4) Environment 5) Technology. 

There is NO one-size fits all approach to nonprofit organizations, but the guidelines and core requirements for grant award eligibility is rock solid for foundation, corporate, state, and federal grants. The more prepared your nonprofit is, the more likely your will be able to compete with other eligible nonprofit applicants. Learn what it takes to get your organization grant ready.
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  What You’ll learn:

✔ Mission & Vision: Learn to describe your organization’s specific mission and vision and communicate how you work to fulfill that mission.
✔ Strategy: Understand why a master plan is necessary to achieve mission outcomes, grow more supporters, and raise more money.
✔ Need Statement: Increase awareness of the need for your organization and its programs within the community you serve.
✔ Capabilities: Understand the basics of setting up your organization with the board, leadership, and staff to address the need and provide services to the                                     community you serve.
✔ Program/Project Design: Understand how program design can help you meet your agency’s objectives.
✔ Data/Metrics: Collecting, tracking and managing nonprofit data are important ways to measure and quantify the good work your organization does for                                       your community.
✔ Collaboration/Partnership: Learn why it is important to engage the necessary partner organizations in your ecosystem to achieve your mission.
✔ Measurement: Understand why evaluation is critical to the success of your program.
✔ Organization: Understand what goes into an organization budget.
✔ Financials: Understand their importance and the three reports every nonprofit needs
✔ Documentation: Utilize our checklist to make sure you have these documents in place.

  Why You Want to Learn It

Most new nonprofit leaders believe that once they have established their nonprofit and received a positive 501(c)(3) determination, the grant funds will come easily.  Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that grant funding is a highly competitive arena, and in order to stand out from the rest of the organizations applying for funding, nonprofits must be well-prepared and ready.

  How It Will Help You

Avoid wasting time, effort, and valuable resources by determining your organization’s potential competitiveness before seeking grant funding.

  Who should attend:

• Leaders of nonprofits or other fundraisers less than 5 years in existence
• Leaders or staff of nonprofits or other fundraising groups who are struggling with securing grants
• Leaders or staff of nonprofits or other fundraising groups who are considering grant funding as part of their diversified fundraising strategy
• Individuals who are interested in starting a nonprofit or fundraising entity @ 2022
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